patient stories

Here for Me

Ashley Moon

Inspired to Give Back the Caring

Having firsthand experience with the inner workings of a hospital isn’t something we all wish to have—but it’s something Ashley Moon can claim. Despite her young age, she’s had a number of surgeries. In June of 2013 she had a heartbreaking ectopic pregnancy. Dr. Ellis performed the surgery. It happened fast and Ashley relied on the reassurance from staff until her husband Doyle arrived.

“My nurse was a huge comfort to me. She was there holding my hand before they put me under and again when I woke up,” Ashley says.

Then, just four months later in October 2013, Ashley had Doyle drive her to the ER because she thought she had a bad flu. She ended up having an obstructed bowel that demanded immediate surgery and a month-long stay. No one wants to spend a month in the hospital, but Ashley says the staff treated her like family and really cared for her.

“The nurses pampered me. I remember wanting to go outside so they bundled me up and took me out. It makes it especially comforting to know the people who are taking care of you. Some of us actually became friends, and we still see each other,” she adds.

Ashley sees specialists for her condition in Grand Junction, but she goes to TMH for most of her care. She is impressed how the TMH doctors are so willing to collaborate with each other and especially praises Dr. Womble, general surgeon, for collaborating so well with her specialist in Grand Junction—and how together they do whatever is best for her.

“At TMH, the rooms are beautiful, the doctors are high quality, and the nurses do everything they can for you. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for care. The last time we had to go to the hospital my husband said, ‘Do you want me to keep driving to Grand Junction?’ I said ‘No, I want to go to TMH where the nurses and doctors know me best,” she concludes.

Ashley is attending nursing school and will graduate in May 2016. The care she received at TMH inspired her to go to school so she can give the good care she received back to others. She’ll be amazing.