leadership team

Executive Leadership Team

John Rossfeld

Chief Executive Officer

Contact John Rossfeld,

Phone: 970-826-3100

Fax: 970-824-2235

Beka Warren, RN

Chief Quality Officer

Contact: Beka Warren, RN

Phone: 970-826-3106

Fax: 970-826-3108

Jennifer Riley

Chief of Marketing and Business Development

Contact Jennifer Riley

Phone: 970-826-3109

Fax: 970-824-2235

Christopher Kalinowski, RN

Interim Chief Nursing Officer

Contact Chris Kalinowski

Phone: 970-826-3103

Fax: 970-824-2235

Terri Jourgensen, RN, BSN, OMS

Clinic Practice Administrator

Contact Terri Jourgensen

Phone: 970-826-2455

Fax: 970-824-2429

Jill Spencer

Chief Human Resource Officer

Contact Jill Spencer

Phone: 970-826-3171

Fax: 970-824-2235

Dr. Scott Ellis

Chief Medical Officer

Contact Dr. Ellis, MBA, FACOG

Phone: 970-826-2400

Fax: 970-826-2429